What is Self-realisation?

Self-realisation in the now is for you and by you. 

What moves you and what does self-realisation mean to you? 
This is a place to write and share something about what you are currently experiencing in terms of self-realisation/enlightenment/happiness – to inspire and encourage both yourself and others to live from a place of truth.

This time of chaos offers an opportunity to live in the rapturous now where everything comes into being anddisappears! Do you feel an insatiable longing for who you really are, for permanent freedom, for loving consciousness?

Are you willing to lovingly enter pain without a story about past or future? 
In the core of your pain, your realised self reveals itself. 

You are welcome to share in your own words what you have realised and/or what you encounter!

Responses participants:
Self-realisation for me is…

It is a blessing, a great gift, to be allowed to discover the web of lies created by the Mind.
More than that, it is a divine gift to experience how this web unravels itself, creating more and more distance from the Mind.
Such freedom!
What a relief to…
… no longer be subject to the ‘mandatory’ birthdays, weddings, funerals, family gatherings – unless I really feel like it.
… be free from the ‘thou shalt (not)’ rules imposed by society and especially family and work.
… exchange crippling, limiting judgments and fruitless opinions (“What do you think?”) for the appreciation that comes from the heart, enriches the emotional life and nourishes connections.
… except for practical matters such as an appointment with the dentist, to stop worrying about the future – which does not exist – and especially about the past, which is over and can be left alone.
So for me self-realisation is the freedom from blindly following the Mind, together with authentic living in the here-and-now.

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