Who are you?

Photo: Peter Brokke

Being true to yourself without harming another requires courage. Meditative, honest self-inquiry (looking at your behaviour/emotions) can help.

Questions you can ask yourself:

What do I want to mean to the world? And what does this mean concretely for me?
What is my deepest desire?
Where do I (often) get stuck? (What are my recurring patterns?)
What judgements do I have (about myself and others)?
What am I grateful for?
What needs to change before I am happy?

“Invitation: look within and remember the forgotten language of the heart. Now stop everything you are doing. Close your eyes. Become aware of all you have gone through to get where you are today. Realise what heights and depths you have been capable of. Experience the taste of silence now. The sound of peace. Feel the vibration of disappearing into space, into emptiness, into ultimate nothingness.”

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