If we want to mean something to others, it is essential first to love ourselves and respect our limits. By remembering who we really are, all unnecessary suffering dissolves – our love flows into the world and our life force contributes to the awakening of all people.


Do you want to contribute to and be of value on this platform and in the world?
Fine! Then sign up now. Together we will look at what makes you happy and where your qualities can best be expressed.

Questions you can already ask yourself:

What makes my life meaningful?
What do I like or makes me happy?
What qualities do I have that I can use to make myself useful?
How can I contribute to a peaceful, free world?
Where (in my body) do I feel that intense desire to share my love?
Am I living my truth from the inside out?
Do I grant myself and my fellow man a joyful, loving and conscious life in freedom and connection?

Has your enthusiasm been sparked off and would you like to contribute to making this place on earth brighter? To be a beacon of light? Then you are most welcome to get in touch!

At the moment there is a particular need for:
– Light workers
– Creating/editing (videos/photos)
– Social media (SEO, marketing)
– Website (SEO, marketing)
– Help with answering emails and administrative matters
– Liaising with the press

Proceeds from the book and donations will go entirely to spreading unconditional eternal peace and love in freedom.

“My life revolves around what I have been privileged to receive: eternal truth in all its magnificence. It is my passion to ignite that all-fulfilling truth in you and invite you to put your energy at the service of your fellow man.”

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