When Gangaji appeared in my life and I discovered the deep silence at the core of my being, I felt an intense desire to share this experience. This resulted in creating an opportunity to be together in Truth. It is a source of joy to freely meet, inspire, acknowledge, trust, accept, in silence and surrender. To be together in Truth is. That is Satsang.

The word Satsang comes from Sanskrit. Sat means truth and Sang(ha) means community.

All over the world, people feel the need to express their deepest desire: lasting fulfilment! And that means living a sincere and joyful life free of religion, conditioning and imposed concepts.

The essence of Satsang is the realisation of that which is always present in deafening silence: the joyful recognition of your true nature, your essence in which truthfulness reveals itself in the silence that you are. In that silence, you can experience ultimate freedom in the here-and-now.
Satsang happens naturally.

Meditative self-inquiry

An important part of Satsang is self-inquiry, that invites deep introspection where past and future disappear. Source reveals itself and you coincide with your essence. All that matters is that you have the desire and willingness to experience who you really are – beyond the stories of the Mind that creates unnecessary suffering.
Silence, music, singing and other sounds open the door to the heart, the inner source.

Do you feel the need to live a sincere and joyful life in love and freedom? 
To leave oppressive conditioning and concepts behind?
To express who you really are?
To experience your deepest desire and lasting fulfilment from your heart?

Then you are…

May our gathering contribute to the joyful freedom of all beings.

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