Celebrate your life!

Do you suffer from disturbing thoughts?

What would it be like…
… if your thoughts were calm and clear, and unnecessary suffering were a thing of the past? 
… if nothing stood in your way of letting your full potential blossom?
… to wake up feeling in love with and grateful for life, regardless of your situation?
… to consciously welcome the day as the greatest gift there is?
… to sparklingly take your place and sing your life song, dance exuberantly, cry uninhibitedly and laugh shamelessly?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic? 
That is living in the eternal now!
That is self-realisation!

And the key is a positive and happy mindset

Examine your thoughts and experience how your Mind creates both happiness as well as unnecessary suffering!The sutras (short profound texts from the lineage of Siddhartha Gautama the Buddha) in this book – Seven Golden Keys for Instant Self-Realisation – urge you to awaken and invite you to stop the war in your mind. The accompanying instructions teach you how to radically transform your destructive thoughts and develop your positive qualities. As a result, regardless of your situation, you will be able to live a conscious, authentic, fulfilling and joyful life in love, compassion and freedom. 

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