Who is Gangaji?

Born in Texas (1942) with the name Merle Antionette Roberson, call name Toni, she moved to Clarksdale, Mississippi, as a baby.
She grew up free to wander around the white part of town and play on the banks of the local creek. In many ways, it was a good life. But inside, she felt the revulsion of her family, alcoholic mother, town and especially her own inner darkness.

In high school, she discovered how to please others to get the love and attention she craved. She went to college and was determined to get married. Despite everything being supposedly perfect, she felt miserable and all her attempts to escape from herself yielded nothing. She divorced her first husband and later she met Eli Jaxon-Bear (her current husband) for whom truth and freedom were most important. That was the beginning of her spiritual journey.

They were happy with each other and their daughter but underneath all the happiness and success still lay a deep longing. Exhausted by the demands of the materialistic lifestyle and searching for a true teacher to awaken for good, they eventually met their spiritual teacher H.W.L. Poonja, affectionately called Papaji. This Indian sage and enlightened guru embodied self-inquiry and taught it as the direct path to enlightenment, following the example of his guru, Sri Ramana Maharshi. 
What happened next surprised them both and changed the course of their lives forever.

“The encounter, full of bliss and self-realisation with this powerful living master, finally revealed the consummation of her longing.”

After several weeks and many moments of beauty and grace, as well as horror and pain, it was time to return home. Papaji had given her the name Gangaji and asked her to share her experience. She had no idea how this could happen but he assured her that people who were interested would find her naturally. This has proved to be the case over the past 30 years and many have found self-realisation thanks to her clear, loving yet sharp presence.

More on Gangaji: https://gangaji.org/about-gangaji

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