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When Deva Indra asked me, “Who are you really?” I panicked; my head seemed to explode! Her calm voice brought me back from my head to my heart. The deep silence that followed has stayed with me since. Because of her, I am aware of my negative thoughts, such as self-loathing and anger. Now I have the choice which thoughts I allow.

After my wonderful conversation with Deva Indra, I now experience a mixture of feelings, such as insecurity, fear of myself and the unknown, confusion, ambiguity about source. I want to say farewell to my lack of authenticity and at the same time I also experience freedom and trust. It’s like rewriting my own ‘user’s manual’. This source/essence would have been impossible to reach without previous experiences and probably not without your help, dear Indra! I have now become aware that I always wanted to explain everything and got stuck in that need. Now that you have brought me into contact with my essence, the primal source, it feels like a light has been turned on and the path to it is no longer in the dark. My wish is to be able to take action from that beautiful and pure place and to find my peace! 

Your book made me aware of my fear, anger and (which shocked me) self-loathing! I also now see the games my Mind plays. Your concrete and enthusiastic way of writing makes me feel invited to persevere. I see that most similar books I’ve read are too abstract. You know how to bring everyday recognisable situations and actions to life in a humorous way. It makes me silent… Thank you for this valuable and refreshing book. Already I can see how I create unnecessary suffering for myself! 

Your book is amazing – there is so much in it! I found out that I have always thought I am intelligent because I think a lot. But already I feel so much quieter because my thinking head gets a break every now and then. I have recommended your book to others. 

Your concrete and enthusiastic way of writing makes this book accessible and motivating. Where most such books elaborate on abstract wisdom, you approach it in an original and no-nonsense way. Fantastic how you connect the sutras to everyday situations. I recognise my own emotions and behaviour and, at the same time, you invite me to become truly silent. The end result is a refreshing, practical handbook that puts an end to unnecessary suffering. Now I am able to meet life in all its glory. 

I very much enjoyed watching the videos of Indra’s book presentation again and revelled in the passion with which she talks about her ‘journey home’. Since she followed the ‘Flowering’ programme for self-exploration years ago and received her new name, she has pursued numerous paths and undergone as many trials that together have, in the end, resulted in the radiant and inspiring presence that she now is. May this new book, along with the infectious vitality of this loving ‘midwife for the second birth’, bring liberation, light and joy to the lives of many! 
Yoyo van der Kooi –

Fresh and warm, that’s what I like about it. And bright too! I think Indra has written a beautiful book worth reading. 
Ronald de Caluwé –

Your book looks beautiful!!! I can’t wait to get started.
Joan Muller –

Today I read the first 40 pages. I think I’m going to read it one more time because I really don’t understand it. That is value for money: a book that I can read again and again to experience life instead of reasoning. I feel that this book will bring me a lot (insights) and I think it’s very nice to read because you wrote it, Indra!
Erik Diseraad –

Refreshing, clear, well-arranged, applicable… Indra’s dedication to her inner work does full justice to what the mystic Osho expresses in The Book of Secrets. Her love for Osho and faith in her path of embodiment has resulted in a valuable, accessible and practical handbook.
Wilko Iedema – SAMO, practice for Rebalancing

Another book about personal development?
Actually yes, but significantly DIFFERENT!
Deva Indra’s deeply personal revelations, together with the wisdom of Atisha, make such an impression that I feel compelled to hurry to empty my inner cellar and live more than ever in the moment.
The direct writing style, in simple, penetrating language, the short, clear paragraphs… everything contributes to a valuable book that can form a crucial guideline for anyone who wants to live authentically.
Anand Kaiyum

A powerful formula to wake up immediately!

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