Successful book presentation

Thanks to the enthusiasm and involvement of about twenty interested parties, the first interactive book presentation on January 18 2023 became a great success. Those present were personally touched by the subject of the book and the presentation. Together we enjoyed a festive meeting in solidarity!
After the book presentation, the well-known tv director Tatjana Mirkovic interviewed me. Mattijs Pagie was present to take photos and Peter Brokke for the video recording. Once the edit is complete it will be posted on my website and Facebook.
Questions were also asked and it was suggested that they would like to give the book as a gift to family, friends or acquaintances. This link takes you directly to the ordering procedure.

The book has been received with great appreciation so far. Before, during and after the book presentation, I received dozens of grateful Apps, emails, cards, messages and gifts such as flowers. It’s moving to hear/read that some can’t wait to start or continue reading.

If you have read the book and feel moved to post a review, it can help others to make a conscious choice that suits them. This way you can contribute to a world in which everyone can live in love and freedom, regardless of the situation.

My gratitude goes out to Boekscout, that I highly recommend! They guided me through the entire process carefully and professionally, with a lot of patience. I would also like to express my gratitude to everyone who was present and to all who wished me success in so many ways and expressed their appreciation.

The English book will be published in 9 Februari 2024.

“The adventure continues… every day, every moment… always in the refreshing, eternal now.”

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