Contract and book presentation!

Three years after the unfortunate fall on my head and back — which virtually stopped my writing — Boekscout publishers offeres me a contract. Now that the contract has been signed, there are suddenly many things to do. Of course, the challenge is to leave enough room for further recovery. I receive all possible help from a fantastic team at Boekscout. The presentation of the Dutch book takes place on Wednesday, January 18 2023 in Zutphen, the Netherlands.

Now that I look back on this period of being bedridden and dependent, I see that the brain injury with all its consequences has given me exactly the experience that I always avoided and that turns out to be necessary for the completion of the book. By looking death in the eye I experience a deep peace that is difficult to describe.

Living from moment to moment, in gratitude, I observe this brave body and experience life as a gift that moves in an infinite, limitless awakening full of blissful joy, compassion, peace and love in freedom!

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