End in sight

After various adventures, we finally arrive in the eastern Algarve, Portugal. Friends have offered their apartment. I have no hope of recovery. I accept what life gives me and am grateful for every precious, clear moment: A walk on the arm of a beloved friend, a short conversation, being able to get a whiff of the sea air, seeing the clear sky above the mountains.

A moment of deep joy at this fantastic view

Slowly the inflammation in my head calms down. The heat does my body good and I enjoy the silence within myself with confidence and dedication. Lying in the warm rays of sunshine and enjoying the music on my laptop, I suddenly become aware of an interview with a Belgian doctor who talks about his clinic in Spain. I bounce back and feel that my (life) journey is not over yet. We leave for this clinic the following week and treatment with infusions and therapeutic interventions starts two days after arrival. After a month I am able to move into a quiet apartment by the sea, with the advice to return at least twice a week for an infusion.

The years, months, weeks and days that I spent in bed are giving way to longer walks. With the space that is created, thoughts about finishing my book also appear. I calmly open my laptop and slowly pick up the thread again. The missing pieces of the puzzle fall into place and the book now enters its final phase.

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