The journey south

Towing the motorhome away

Along the way we have to deal with heavy rain, alternating with hail and snow storms. To top it all off, as soon as we have passed the border, the camper turns out to have engine trouble. Various lights on the dashboard are on. In fits and starts we end up at a garage somewhere in Belgium where we receive friendly help. The problem is resolved and we leave happily the next day. After about a hundred kilometers the red lights comes on again.
Persistent bad luck…

This time we visit the official Renault dealer. After an extensive diagnosis, it appears that some things need to be replaced. What to do? The parts are ordered and because of the holidays it will take at least a week before the camper is repaired. So we start looking for a warm shelter.

And yes, after a week a friendly technician is waiting for us and tells us that everything is now perfect. We leave with hope and a little tension. Within a hundred kilometers the infamous lights ome on again. We sigh and look at each other. This time we are towed away, car and all. The car is a constant source of stress.
Unfortunately, the inflammation in my head is constantly ‘on’.

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